The Inspiration

I find beauty everywhere. Growing up in the arts and in the world of modeling has exposed that often times the definition of beauty is defined for us.
In a time where life feels a bit fragile and uncertain, it is more important than ever to find a sense of self care.
The beauty industry is growing and changing rapidly. I wanted to create a simple solution so there was an option to be a bit more self-reliant in our beauty routine, which could help someone, anyone, feel beautiful in a safe and affordable way.
I created this product for the younger me, who first used white out to paint my nails at home. I so wished there was a product like ManiGuard to help me paint my right hand! I know so many of you would agree. I believe in celebrating most importantly inner beauty through the expression and art of outer beauty and hopefully ManiGuards helps achieve that in a fun way for you.
True beauty to me is beauty defined by you, the unique individual and I hope you express You, every day.
Helen Parkly