ManiGuard was created for everyone.

It was very important to find a medical grade, latex free, and toxic free material for those with allergies and sensitive skin. We also researched thoroughly to provide the 10 most universal nail sizes.

Basic Directions for use:

Maniguard nail polish guard performs best when used on dry and clean, nails and skin. Do not apply any oil or lotion prior to using Maniguard.

Choose a guard size which best fits around the nail. Firmly apply the guard around the nail as a U shape or around the top of the nail, whichever fits best. Make sure there are no spaces between the nail and skin. 

Maniguard can be cut in half or in thirds for nail art. When nails have thoroughly dried, use tweezers to slowly peel off the guard.

ManiGuard™ is made in the USA.

We intentionally sourced a medical grade material that serves high quality function, just as a band-aid would. Medical grade adhesive is manufactured on special paper to keep the quality from diminishing. The stick and stretch was the best we discovered that could help provide a quality at home manicure experience! We hope you appreciate the quality and love that was put into the creative process with every you in mind.

Warnings: Maniguard is made with quality medical grade adhesive, and can sometimes stick to one another if not handled properly. Do not apply Maniguard on injured skin. Keep away from heat and humidity. We recommend using tweezers!

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