Mess Free nails wherever you go.

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ManiGuard is the first of its kind!

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"These nail stickers will help you get a neat at-home manicure every time. This invention will put an end to messy manicures for good!"

Self Magazine

"These Genius nail stickers will help you achieve a perfect manicure in 30 seconds!" 

Seventeen Magazine

"Keep it clean with this new nail art necessity!"

Nail It! Magazine

"This is probably one of the most needed (and most clever) nail tools I’ve recently discovered."

Kara Ferguson, Politics of Pretty

"No steady hand? No problem! ManiGuards are press-on sticker-style decals that lay around your cuticle to prevent painting snafus!"

Beauty Expert, Bobbi Thomas, NBC Today Show

Did you know...

Are ManiGuards reusable?

ManiGuards are made of high quality, hospital grade material. They can be used on your hands and feet. You bet they are reusable! Cut them in halves or thirds for endless nail art!